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Putting the final nail in the coffin

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Putting the final nail in the coffin

Post  HawkbitAlpha on Sun Nov 19, 2017 9:23 pm

I'm writing this for anyone who may find this forum with interest.

Nearly three years ago, in December 2014, I wrote a thread announcing IAVA's indefinite closure. Now, I'm here to say it loud and clear:

IAVA is dead for good.

Certainly, no one will care to hear this. We haven't been active in a solid 5 years, since a forum raid in spring 2012 caused our member base to fall apart. By the time we finally received a fleet pack, there was no one left to even fly with it. But I'm here to make it official.

Last year, I quietly made the decision to lock registries for new members, since the only "new people" joining were spam bots. Our long-time chief of staff, acf492, hasn't been spotted on the forum in nearly 4 years, and we haven't had much clear contact since late 2012, when my interest in running IAVA waned.

So, for any YS pilots who may find this...

As of last year, I've decided to carry on business in the YS virtual airline world under a new banner: Revenant Express Virtual Cargo Airline, which is slated to recycle some of IAVA's assets. I founded this with a friend of mine, but due to losing online play-capable internet in the fall of 2016, I haven't been able to do anything with it. At the moment, REVA is awaiting to be launched into the YS world, but that plan is on hold until I can get back into YS online. Until then, things are going to be quiet from this front. I can be found on multiple sites under the moniker HawkbitAlpha, if contacting me is something you feel is necessary.

To conclude, a reminder: I rode this organization all the way to the very end. I co-started the VA revival in the English YS world. Once REVA is finally active, I don't intend on repeating the massive management missteps I made as a staff member for IAVA from 2011 to 2014. I've become a much better, smarter, and wiser individual over the past half-decade (due in part to growing out of childhood), and want to take a second shot at creating something great.

~Travis Lance "Wedge" Hawkins (HawkbitAlpha)
Intercontinental Airways Founder & CEO, 2011-2014


IAVA Executive Officer

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