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End of an era...

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End of an era...

Post  HawkbitAlpha on Fri Dec 19, 2014 9:45 pm

I know I should've posted this a long time ago, but I virtually forgot about this forum and thus didn't care to do it. Well, I have something to say about the state of IAVA now...

Now that both me and J.D. have abandoned YSFlight, the only member we still have is acf himself, who has not been seen by either of us in some time. Due to this problem, I have to put an end to it.

With the greatest reluctance, I'm shutting down IAVA for an indefinite period of time. At least, until we can find dedicated pilots who will keep logging hours for us, this airline is dead.

The forums will stay up for the sake of archiving, but other than that, this place now has no use. It's been nearly a year since someone has posted something here, and no non-admin pilot has even posted since early 2012. I have made my attempts at contacting said people and regain their dedication, but to no avail.

I understand the forum raid back in March 2012 may have caused tensions between us all, but leaving the project in stony silence will do very little to help us through times like that. I also understand I shouldn't have been running such a large project at a young age (now I'm 15, lol), and I do respect acf's efforts at holding us together in that time. However, it's now up to a new set of admins to take over this airline. Me and J.D. are out of here.

Those events took place in the spring of 2012. It's about to be 2015. I'm hoping IAVA's future will look brighter sooner or later...but at this rate, I doubt it.



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