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Official Forum Rules

Post  HawkbitAlpha on Sat Oct 15, 2011 1:27 am

The main rules:

-Extremely offensive language, including sexually explicit phrases, racist terms, intolerant or homophobic expressions etc. are obviously not permitted, and all members agreed to this when signing up for an account on this forum.
-No spamming. The only exception is in threads like The Spambox in the Off-Topic Lounge.
-Bumping topics is allowed, but only if the person doing so is attempting to make a new conversation and not just flat out grave-digging topics. Topics that are simply bumped will be locked on sight.
-No only quoting someone's post or making one or two word posts, unless it is for a game such as The Spambox.
-No double-posting. Use Edit Button and Multi-Quote for by-passing double posts. Only exception is if the first is old.
-No insulting, bullying, fighting with or harassing staff and other members (this applies for in-game too).
-Be mature. No insulting new members.
-No pornographic content.

Chatbox Rules:
-Swearing is permitted, but nothing extreme. If so, you may be suspended from the chatbox, although it depends on the situation.
-Asking to become a moderator on the chatbox will decrease your chances of becoming one, so don't ask. We will upgrade somebody's privileges based on their performance. Moderator positions can be applied for.
-Unreasonable banning by a mod or admin will result in loss of moderation. If this happens to you, report it to an alternate admin and the situation will be dealt with.
-The mods & admins are in charge in the chatbox. They will stop fights, kick members, or even ban members if needed.
-Chat and have fun.

...and that's it. Behave.

-IAVA staff, acf492 & HawkbitAlpha

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