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How we can remain Certified with YSFHQ

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How we can remain Certified with YSFHQ

Post  acf492 on Mon Jun 11, 2012 1:21 pm

[This is a copy-paste from the IAVA subforum on YSFHQ as it is being removed]

Hi all IA VA Pilots,

Its been about a month since Intercontinental moved from the drawing board into actual functionality. Today I am proud to make the first post in our own sub-forum on YSFHQ. Flying for an airline is a way to add flavor to civilian flying, and building an airline is an adventure of its own.

One of the goals of an Airline in YSFHQ is to achieve the status of a certified airline. It is a goal that I would like to see met, and I am sure you would too. This thread highlights the requirements. Here are the things that we need pilots to do in order to help us meet the criteria:

  • 3 Active pilots. It's harder then it sounds. There is a saying that 1 active pilot is worth 100 inactive ones. While we meet the the requirements on paper, only time will tell which of our pilots will shine as the ones we rely on for regular flying.
  • Hours flown.(Minimum 10 per month total) Systems will be set up by YSFHQ admins to motivate pilots to fly. Incentives like top pilot have been used previously, and money will be 'paid' for flying time, which means our airline has a goal to out-fly the larger airlines in terms of hours. Some servers will be set up to monitor pilots' flights, and allocate money based on your in-flight airline code, and for other servers, or for flights flown offline, there will be an entry form for hours not automatically logged.

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Re: How we can remain Certified with YSFHQ

Post  HawkbitAlpha on Mon Jun 11, 2012 2:47 pm

Yeah, I see what you're getting at. Commitment. Most of IAVA's pilots have now become inactive since I hired them. We need new pilots, but then again we have another VA (*cough*HAVA*cough*) taking up all the active pilots.

Also, I'm falling behind on civilian hours myself. Bad.


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