YSFHQ VA Governance Rules

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YSFHQ VA Governance Rules

Post  acf492 on Thu May 31, 2012 5:33 am

This is a re-post of the VA Governance rules proposed to CEOs. I am including it here as Prince Dark does not have access to YSFHQ. It does not really concern IAVA Pilots, though it provides additional backgournd on the rules which apply to pilots online.

Rules Governing Virtual Airlines on YSFHQ
1. These are the official rules governing Virtual Airlines operating through YSFHQ. This includes all VA's that obtain certification, or at any point enter into the certification process. If there is no rule listed for a given situation, then it is up to YSFHQ staff to determine a course of action.

2. Virtual Airlines are asked to create and participate in a centralized training program. This program will include, but is not limited to: ATC Communication, Instrument Flight, and Takeoff/Landing procedures. A plan for such a program must be completed and approved, by vote, before March 1 2012. Airlines utilizing helicopters may choose to coordinate the creation of a centralized training program specific to their needs, at their own discretion.

3. Virtual Airlines will create, and adhere to, a uniform ATC manual. Such a manual must be completed and approved, by vote, before March 1 2012. Airlines will remain responsible for the certification and training of Air Traffic Controllers. Provisions will be made for specialized "ATC Schools" to operate as if they were VA's issuing certificates.

4. Virtual Airlines are free to create their own training programs in addition to those above, and may at any time opt-out of participation in the centralized training program (known as CTP from this point on). There will be no penalty for opting out, except that the airline will never again be eligible to rejoin the CTP.

5. It will be the responsibility of Virtual Airlines to handle discipline for their pilots with regards to behavior on YS Servers, TeamSpeak servers, etc. YSFHQ Staff only assumes responsibility for disciplinary action arising out of conduct on the forums.

6. At no point may any VA be compelled to participate in any incentive program, certification program, or other similar program. Virtual Airlines may, at any time, opt-out of any YSFHQ program of these types.

7. Virtual Airlines, upon receiving certification, are automatically engaged in the programs listed under rules #3 and #4, until they opt-out.

8. Conflicts and disputes between Virtual Airlines are to be resolved via PM. Any public conflict or dispute will result in a warning being issued to the YSFHQ account of each participant. Subsequent violations will result in additional warnings or other action.

9. Changes to these rules must be approved by a vote of the VA CEO's. YSFHQ Staff reserves veto power over any changes.

(2) I haven't been briefed on a centralized training program, but once I have the info I will repost on these forums.

(3) The ATC manual as of Apr 2012 can be found here:

(4) We are opting into the centralized training program, and again, I will post links once I get the info. Of course you can always ask for some training time if you catch me or Prince Dark online.

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