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Backup copy of Civ-02: Routes

Post  acf492 on Fri Oct 07, 2011 3:02 am

This is a duplicate of the CR routes from the wiki. I use them to create IA VA route numbers, so it is important not to lose this.


By establishing a route for each possible destination, it provides a one-stop-shop for pilots planning a flight. Information for the routes includes everything except the airports themselves. Examples could be terrain warnings, options for diversions in case of low fuel (server timeouts) or thunderstorms (hostile groundforces), flight durations, suggested cruise altitudes, etc.

Civ-02 pilots who log their hours will find that it is easier to write the route number rather then the departure and destination every time. In cases where pilots communicate with ATC through F12 chat messaging, typing the route number will be quicker then the destination. If desired, ATC can find the info by searching this page for the route number.

Virtual Airlines(VA) may benefit from using the numeric portions of routes as the ID of their flight number (e.g. change CR127 to IA127 for IA VA etc), to make life easier for ATC. The information provided is free for use by any VA. If anybody has ever said "I've flown this route so many times I could do it blindfolded," Then its time to look at the many routes you haven't flown - because there are a lot more then you think!

Numbering scheme for Civilian Routes (CR)

Avoid similar numbers at the same airport (can confuse ATC)

Avoiding matching patterns used in real life aviation (so as not to confuse with Victor airways, etc).

Keep numbers as short as possible

CR100-CR199: Routes between International airports (last:173 )

CR200-CR299: Routes from int'l to medium sized airfields (last:254 )

CR300-CR399: Routes from medium to Int'l (last:354 )

CR400-CR499: Routes between medium airports (last:431 )

CR500-CR599: Routes from int'l to small airfields (last:531 )

CR600-CR699: Routes from small airfields to int'l (last:631 )

CR700-CR799: Routes from medium airports to small airfields (last:725 )

CR800-CR899: Routes from small airfields to medium airports (last:825 )

CR900-CR999: Routes between small airfields (last:911 )



Dillingham - Hana CR800

Dillingham - Hilo CR603

Dillingham - Honolulu CR629

Dillingham - Kalaeloa CR804

Dillingham - Kaneohe CR808

Dillingham - Kapalua CR812

Dillingham - Kona CR611

Dillingham - Lanai CR615

Dillingham - Lihue CR619

Dillingham - Maui CR623

Dillingham - Molokai CR627

Dillingham - Port Allen CR902

Dillingham - Princeville CR906

Dillingham - Waimea Kohala CR816

Dillingham - Wheeler Airfield CR910

Dillingham - Upolu CR820


Hana - Dillingham CR700

Hana - Hilo CR343

Hana - Honolulu CR310

Hana - Kalaeloa CR405

Hana - Kaneohe CR411

Hana - Kapalua CR417

Hana - Kona CR316

Hana - Lanai CR322

Hana - Lihue CR328

Hana - Maui CR334

Hana - Molokai CR340

Hana - Port Allen CR706

Hana - Princeville CR712

Hana - Waimea Kohala CR423

Hana - Wheeler Airfield CR718

Hana - Upolu CR429


Hilo - Dillingham CR500

Hilo - Hana CR206

Hilo - Honolulu CR105

Hilo - Kalaeloa CR213

Hilo - Kaneohe CR220

Hilo - Kapalua CR227

Hilo - Kona CR112

Hilo - Lanai CR119

Hilo - Lihue CR126

Hilo - Maui CR133

Hilo - Molokai CR140

Hilo - Port Allen CR507

Hilo - Princeville CR514

Hilo - Waimea Kohala CR234

Hilo - Wheeler Airfield CR521

Hilo - Upolu CR241


Honolulu - Dillingham CR501

Honolulu - Hana CR200

Honolulu - Hilo CR106

Honolulu - Kalaeloa CR207

Honolulu - Kaneohe CR214

Honolulu - Kapalua CR221

Honolulu - Kona CR113

Honolulu - Lanai CR120

Honolulu - Lihue CR127

Honolulu - Maui CR134

Honolulu - Molokai CR141

Honolulu - Port Allen CR508

Honolulu - Princeville CR515

Honolulu - Waimea Kohala CR228

Honolulu - Wheeler Airfield CR522

Honolulu - Upolu CR235


Kalaeloa - Dillingham CR701

Kalaeloa - Hana CR400

Kalaeloa - Hilo CR305

Kalaeloa - Honolulu CR344

Kalaeloa - Kaneohe CR406

Kalaeloa - Kapalua CR412

Kalaeloa - Kona CR317

Kalaeloa - Lanai CR323

Kalaeloa - Lihue CR329

Kalaeloa - Maui CR335

Kalaeloa - Molokai CR341

Kalaeloa - Port Allen CR707

Kalaeloa - Princeville CR713

Kalaeloa - Waimea Kohala CR418

Kalaeloa - Wheeler Airfield CR719

Kalaeloa - Upolu CR424


Kaneohe - Dillingham CR702

Kaneohe - Hana CR401

Kaneohe - Hilo CR300

Kaneohe - Honolulu CR306

Kaneohe - Kalaeloa CR407

Kaneohe - Kapalua CR413

Kaneohe - Kona CR312

Kaneohe - Lanai CR345

Kaneohe - Lihue CR324

Kaneohe - Maui CR330

Kaneohe - Molokai CR336

Kaneohe - Port Allen CR708

Kaneohe - Princeville CR714

Kaneohe - Waimea Kohala CR419

Kaneohe - Wheeler Airfield CR720

Kaneohe - Upolu CR425


Kapalua - Dillingham CR703

Kapalua - Hana CR402

Kapalua - Hilo CR301

Kapalua - Honolulu CR307

Kapalua - Kalaeloa CR408

Kapalua - Kaneohe CR414

Kapalua - Kona CR313

Kapalua - Lanai CR319

Kapalua - Lihue CR325

Kapalua - Maui CR331

Kapalua - Molokai CR346

Kapalua - Port Allen CR709

Kapalua - Princeville CR715

Kapalua - Waimea Kohala CR420

Kapalua - Wheeler Airfield CR721

Kapalua - Upolu CR426


Kona - Dillingham CR502

Kona - Hana CR201

Kona - Hilo CR100

Kona - Honolulu CR107

Kona - Kalaeloa CR208

Kona - Kaneohe CR215

Kona - Kapalua CR222

Kona - Lanai CR114

Kona - Lihue CR121

Kona - Maui CR128

Kona - Molokai CR135

Kona - Port Allen CR509

Kona - Princeville CR516

Kona - Waimea Kohala CR229

Kona - Wheeler Airfield CR523

Kona - Upolu CR236


Lanai - Dillingham CR503

Lanai - Hana CR202

Lanai - Hilo CR101

Lanai - Honolulu CR108

Lanai - Kalaeloa CR209

Lanai - Kaneohe CR216

Lanai - Kapalua CR223

Lanai - Kona CR115

Lanai - Lihue CR122

Lanai - Maui CR129

Lanai - Molokai CR136

Lanai - Port Allen CR510

Lanai - Princeville CR517

Lanai - Waimea Kohala CR230

Lanai - Wheeler Airfield CR524

Lanai - Upolu CR237


Lihue - Dillingham CR504

Lihue - Hana CR203

Lihue - Hilo CR102

Lihue - Honolulu CR109

Lihue - Kalaeloa CR210

Lihue - Kaneohe CR217

Lihue - Kapalua CR224

Lihue - Kona CR116

Lihue - Lanai CR123

Lihue - Maui CR130

Lihue - Molokai CR137

Lihue - Port Allen CR511

Lihue - Princeville CR518

Lihue - Waimea Kohala CR231

Lihue - Wheeler Airfield CR525

Lihue - Upolu CR238


Maui - Dillingham CR505

Maui - Hana CR204

Maui - Hilo CR103

Maui - Honolulu CR110

Maui - Kalaeloa CR211

Maui - Kaneohe CR218

Maui - Kapalua CR225

Maui - Kona CR117

Maui - Lanai CR124

Maui - Lihue CR131

Maui - Molokai CR138

Maui - Port Allen CR512

Maui - Princeville CR519

Maui - Waimea Kohala CR232

Maui - Wheeler Airfield CR526

Maui - Upolu CR239


Molokai - Dillingham CR506

Molokai - Hana CR205

Molokai - Hilo CR104

Molokai - Honolulu CR111

Molokai - Kalaeloa CR212

Molokai - Kaneohe CR219

Molokai - Kapalua CR226

Molokai - Kona CR118

Molokai - Lanai CR125

Molokai - Lihue CR132

Molokai - Maui CR139

Molokai - Port Allen CR513

Molokai - Princeville CR520

Molokai - Waimea Kohala CR233

Molokai - Wheeler Airfield CR527

Molokai - Upolu CR240

Port Allen

Port Allen - Dillingham CR903

Port Allen - Hana CR801

Port Allen - Hilo CR600

Port Allen - Honolulu CR604

Port Allen - Kalaeloa CR805

Port Allen - Kaneohe CR809

Port Allen - Kapalua CR813

Port Allen - Kona CR608

Port Allen - Lanai CR630

Port Allen - Lihue CR616

Port Allen - Maui CR620

Port Allen - Molokai CR624

Port Allen - Princeville CR907

Port Allen - Waimea Kohala CR817

Port Allen - Wheeler Airfield CR911

Port Allen - Upolu CR821


Princeville - Dillingham CR900

Princeville - Hana CR802

Princeville - Hilo CR601

Princeville - Honolulu CR605

Princeville - Kalaeloa CR806

Princeville - Kaneohe CR810

Princeville - Kapalua CR814

Princeville - Kona CR609

Princeville - Lanai CR613

Princeville - Lihue CR617

Princeville - Maui CR621

Princeville - Molokai CR631

Princeville - Port Allen CR904

Princeville - Waimea Kohala CR818

Princeville - Wheeler Airfield CR908

Princeville - Upolu CR822

Waimea Kohala

Waimea Kohala - Dillingham CR704

Waimea Kohala - Hana CR403

Waimea Kohala - Hilo CR302

Waimea Kohala - Honolulu CR308

Waimea Kohala - Kalaeloa CR409

Waimea Kohala - Kaneohe CR415

Waimea Kohala - Kapalua CR421

Waimea Kohala - Kona CR314

Waimea Kohala - Lanai CR320

Waimea Kohala - Lihue CR326

Waimea Kohala - Maui CR332

Waimea Kohala - Molokai CR338

Waimea Kohala - Port Allen CR710

Waimea Kohala - Princeville CR716

Waimea Kohala - Wheeler Airfield CR722

Waimea Kohala - Upolu CR427

Wheeler Airfield

Wheeler Airfield - Dillingham CR901

Wheeler Airfield - Hana CR803

Wheeler Airfield - Hilo CR602

Wheeler Airfield - Honolulu CR606

Wheeler Airfield - Kalaeloa CR825

Wheeler Airfield - Kaneohe CR811

Wheeler Airfield - Kapalua CR815

Wheeler Airfield - Kona CR610

Wheeler Airfield - Lanai CR614

Wheeler Airfield - Lihue CR618

Wheeler Airfield - Maui CR622

Wheeler Airfield - Molokai CR626

Wheeler Airfield - Port Allen CR905

Wheeler Airfield - Princeville CR909

Wheeler Airfield - Waimea Kohala CR819

Wheeler Airfield - Upolu CR823


Upolu - Dillingham CR705

Upolu - Hana CR404

Upolu - Hilo CR303

Upolu - Honolulu CR309

Upolu - Kalaeloa CR410

Upolu - Kaneohe CR416

Upolu - Kapalua CR422

Upolu - Kona CR315

Upolu - Lanai CR321

Upolu - Lihue CR327

Upolu - Maui CR333

Upolu - Molokai CR339

Upolu - Port Allen CR711

Upolu - Princeville CR717

Upolu - Waimea Kohala CR428

Upolu - Wheeler Airfield CR723


- Dillingham

- Hana

- Hilo

- Honolulu

- Kalaeloa

- Kaneohe

- Kapalua

- Kona

- Lanai

- Lihue

- Maui

- Molokai

- Port Allen

- Princeville

- Waimea Kohala

- Wheeler Airfield

- Upolu



Akita - Aomori CR142

Akita - Hanamaki CR246

Akita - Matsushima CR147

Akita - Misawa CR152

Akita - Sendai CR157


Aomori - Akita CR143

Aomori - Hanamaki CR242

Aomori - Matsushima CR148

Aomori - Misawa CR153

Aomori - Sendai CR158


Hanamaki - Akita CR342

Hanamaki - Aomori CR304

Hanamaki - Matsushima CR311

Hanamaki - Misawa CR318

Hanamaki - Sendai CR337


Matsushima - Akita CR144

Matsushima - Aomori CR149

Matsushima - Hanamaki CR243

Matsushima - Misawa CR154

Matsushima - Sendai CR159


Misawa - Akita CR145

Misawa - Aomori CR150

Misawa - Hanamaki CR244

Misawa - Matsushima CR155

Misawa - Sendai CR160


Sendai - Akita CR146

Sendai - Aomori CR151

Sendai - Hanamaki CR245

Sendai - Matsushima CR156

Sendai - Misawa CR161


- Akita

- Aomori

- Hanamaki

- Matsushima

- Misawa

- Sendai

North Kyusu

Gotoh Fukue

Gotoh Fukue - Iki CR247

Gotoh Fukue - Kamigotoh CR251

Gotoh Fukue - Ojika CR530

Gotoh Fukue - Nagasaki CR165

Gotoh Fukue - Saga CR169

Gotoh Fukue - Tsushima CR173


Iki - Gotoh Fukue CR347

Iki - Kamigotoh CR430

Iki - Nagasaki CR349

Iki - Ojika CR724

Iki - Saga CR351

Iki - Tsushima CR353


Kamigotoh - Gotoh Fukue CR348

Kamigotoh - Iki CR431

Kamigotoh - Nagasaki CR350

Kamigotoh - Ojika CR725

Kamigotoh - Saga CR352

Kamigotoh - Tsushima CR354


Nagasaki - Gotoh Fukue CR162

Nagasaki - Iki CR248

Nagasaki - Kamigotoh CR252

Nagasaki - Ojika CR531

Nagasaki - Saga CR166

Nagasaki - Tsushima CR170


Ojika - Gotoh Fukue CR628

Ojika - Iki CR824

Ojika - Kamigotoh CR807

Ojika - Nagasaki CR607

Ojika - Saga CR612

Ojika - Tsushima CR625


Saga - Gotoh Fukue CR163

Saga - Iki CR249

Saga - Kamigotoh CR253

Saga - Nagasaki CR167

Saga - Ojika CR528

Saga - Tsushima CR171


Tsushima - Gotoh Fukue CR164

Tsushima - Iki CR250

Tsushima - Kamigotoh CR254

Tsushima - Nagasaki CR168

Tsushima - Ojika CR529

Tsushima - Saga CR172


- Gotoh Fukue

- Iki

- Kamigotoh

- Nagasaki

- Ojika

- Saga

- Tsushima

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